Why learn English?

They say that English is the language of the world. Many people have uttered the following phrase to me, "Ooh! But if you speak English you can go anywhere! Everyone speaks English!" This is true. I can go anywhere in the world and have a stab at making myself understood (accent permitting!). So that just goes to show that in terms of travelling and holidays, if we have a bit of basic English under our belt, we can get by just about anywhere (and if all else fails, there are always the good old hand signals!) and communicate with millions of people.


I'd say that's a good enough reason to want to take a leap into the unknown world of verb tables, prepositions (those of which in English require a certain amount of bravado!), lexical structures and we won't even mention the ghastly phrasal verbs that almost everybody has a phobia of.


Ok, so that's great, we have a few phrases and we can get from A to B. But what other motives could we have for learning English? In the current economic climate, more and more people are relocating for work. They are leaving their lives behind in search for better opportunities. However, one of the biggest obstacles when searching for these so-called "better opportunities" is that huge language barrier that prevents us from reaching the successful heights of the international labour market. Whether you want to work in Poland or the North Pole, New York or New Zealand, there is one key ingredient that is necessary...English! We now live in an international community and if sitting down and learning Inuit seems like too much of a task, we must turn to English.


So far we have two bloody good reasons as to why we should learn English. And the third? I would say that learning English, although at times it can be rather frustrating perfecting the pronunciation of words like "sheet" and "beach" (please take care when uttering such words infront of a British person!), the bottom line is that learning a language should be fun! Why learn English? Well....Why not? It could just as well be a hobby that you have decided to take up on a Monday and Wednesday alongside your violin classes. The good thing about English is that due to its level of high accessibility, we have absolutely no excuse to learn at least something. It is part of our everyday lives!


So the next time you see Hugh Grant's face pop up on your television screen, put the film into its original English version, flick on the subtitles and sample his beautifully-honed RP accent. You might even learn something :)

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